Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Is Education Stressful !!

Education by far the most widely used weapon of mass knowledge and spreading of knowledge.
There is no easy way to go through this as this takes patience and a great deal of effort in it and when we feel uncertain of your goal in the stream of knowledge we feel stressed. Education is for all ans is available to us by every means possible but why there is the phrase stress related to such wonderful creation??

Stress comes when we end up being confused and worried about the things that we do and face .It is the situation that we coupe up with which makes us knowledgeable or stressful. For education it is common to have either of them or even not to mention both of them if circumstances appear .Following a proper study material , a proper guide , a proper lead and all proper stuff may lead you to become knowledgeable but at the same time stressed too as if you do not learn to heart the knowledge it will be hard to create things on your own and end up in thinking whether you learnt it or not leading to more stress.

Education is an open source where you can learn as much you like but if you can not collaborate then you can  not bear the burden . knowledge is something to be shared and discussed on a good basis to render your mind feeling more involved and energized . Making up things , faceing odds is a must to improve knowledge and if not it makes you outdated and hence skipped aside.The more you improve the more you learn ,the more you spread the more you learn , the more you learn the less you worry , the more obstetrical you breakdown the less you worry and the less you worry the less stressed you feel and such leading to a good environment of recreation and fulfillment.

So for my opinion i would say that education is stressful or not is up to you . Choosing of mindset is the key to answer and as for my concern it is not stressful it is meaningful and joyful . Just need to change the way you look into things and you may be surprised how they differ so much.

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