Tuesday, 21 February 2017

stress management for Academics

Academic is the most delicate time period of students and aspirants of variation of age and ambitions.
It is one of those moments when we decide what to do and what not to take as our future plans or not . Regardless how simple it sounds it is mostly the headache of most parents and a matter of up most pressure of many students which leads them into total distortion and stressful life.In this crucial moment no one wishes for extra curricular load or extra distracting thoughts and want to lead their teenage minds also towards perfection , maturity,productiveness and much more which varies from student to student .

 Every one has their own individual goals aspirants expectations and if not they end up looking for one and finally go for it . So any way we see it this academic session is more or less never ending because we say that study and knowledge is endless, ageless,gender-less so for me i will state it as life long according to my thinking . So in such sweet period of moments why bother with stress and anxiety when we can be our-self, be happy , flourishing , nurturing ??

Though i myself wondered for the answer to this for quite some time now and found out ways which by applying in our day to day life will change the aspect and outlook of our life and hence leading to a greater good . As for these some have likes and dislikes so i would suggest to choose the ones you prefer yourself .

In academic cases there may be many reasons for your stress but the first thing you need to do is to figure out the source of your stress . you need to mark the things that make you worry or anxious and all.

on the other side i would ask you to look into your problems and face them , not turning back but standing up in front of it and face it face to face . Backing down or no realization of things are the up-most thing that will haunt you forever and ever so man up and face up .

now you must give up your bad habits or any kind of improper things that you may think will lead you to stress less life or anything .It might be smoking,drinking,over sleeping,staying away from friend gatherings or families ,slacking off or having too much break offs.

now you must accept the upcoming and on going battles of day to day life it can be anything from not being able to coup up with studies or lectures or teachings or tutorials anything. Do not expect things to go easy on you instead be grateful that things were tough and it will make you thorougher than you are today and you will shine like no one else .

Accept and adapt to the situations and always expect the unexpected that is called a successful strategy passed down from achievers.As we can not fore cast sudden changes of nature like wise something may come up all on a sudden and at that moment without standing there 
like a zombie adapt according to it accept it face it and then move on . 

Now for the last tip i would suggest be upcoming and active . Do not just sit back and hunch all day . Yeah i know it is easier said than done as it is too much hard work or is it !!
Get up walk around , look for good companion or make companions according to your path , make a motivating strong circle around you , share your thoughts and get feedback acknowledge them and move on .

Go out door and do take part in sports and all stuff every once in a while and do make a habit of taking hygienic stuff inside .
Do take part in social activity as we all are social beings and make sure to share to get shared and give to get something in return.

Have a awesome academic as well as stress free life and be sure to look around more . regards,

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