Tuesday, 21 February 2017

How to deal with Stress in Office.

Stress is something that appears in many places in many forms and it is up-to us how we want to deal with them or take appropriate measures in regard of this things and make sure to curtail down the amount of pressure we are going under through.
It is a very competitive generation and if you do not keep up the pace and do well then chances are you are being back-drawn and at the time you realize the fact , it would be too late already.
Look life is not about the term stress and all.People work everyday and tirelessly with their butts up to make their both ends meet and for so you are no exception. You may have been brought up with a silver or copper or even a golden spoon on your mouth but the reality may differ from time to time or generation to generation .There is a saying that my father used to tell me that gone days are good days but upcoming days are the real challenges .

 Worrying stressing out is never going to help you instead will let you down and will make you less progressive and productive in the long run . And so i would like to tell you that it is not easy to win always .
 Though you may feel worried about your future, you may doubt in your potential or even you may have other personal issues but these are there not to demise your potential but they are there to give you a reason to move on .Get hungry for more knowledge apply that knowledge and shine . Corporate world is not about only competition but about the amount of knowledge you have and willing to gather as you move on towards and so instead of giving into stress and all let the cause be your ambition to overcome or your goal to complete or your reminder to motivate you to moving forward.

Though people may look down upon you , but never let it do demise you . Take and acknowledge what you think is for your own good and proceed. Be positive in work , be more active .Focus on one thing at a time.Give everything you do your 100% and let the deeds decide what you will be getting.

  • Take day off some times and lay low for a while .Let your mind relax for sometimes and feel the fresh air . 
  • Do think out of the box sometimes as the answers to your misery lie in your past and decides your future.

  • Keep a good hygiene and fresh mind set doing workouts and other physical activity on a regular or on off days .
  • Try to stay on top of your game by doing and showing what you believe in or have faith in .

  • Take a good night break or so called sleep or some people would say even to die for quite some time to give your body the time to feel rejuvenated .
  • Maintain a journal of your known pointing things know and then , taking notes of others shortcomings and specialties and not to mention your drawbacks too . This will help you to blend in your environment more 

  • And never be ashamed to be yourself cause that is what makes you who you are .

Take a step at a time and keep moving on ward and hope that you will be leading a awesome life very soon.As someone said do not give in against fate or future instead accept present , acknowledge past and believe in future and keep moving forward.

Life is not easy so is yours. Deal with it to the bitter end and if you live long enough you will have what you deserve.  Best wishes for you regards.

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